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I do honestly believe that people enter our lives for a reason. That everyone who we meet, who forms an impression has something to teach us. Everything that happens to us is an experience, and because of that it can never be bad. an experience can only be good because it all serves to shape the person that we are, the person that we become. -= the love whisperer =-


When your partner is bugging you or things are not going right, you can’t just stop your hands and walk away, you have to sit through it until it gets better.

Even if it doesn’t get better, you still gonna sit through it. And you see a lot of people of our age and especially the ones that are a little bit younger than us, no patience, can’t stand any tough times. They just run away to more tough times because they think they can avoid it but when you grow up you realized you can’t avoid all the tough times.

-James Dunn, Malkovich

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