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I do honestly believe that people enter our lives for a reason. That everyone who we meet, who forms an impression has something to teach us. Everything that happens to us is an experience, and because of that it can never be bad. an experience can only be good because it all serves to shape the person that we are, the person that we become. -= the love whisperer =-

Nike Sports Illustrations by HelloVon

Michael-Jordan-Nike-Jordan (1)

Sometimes, I confuse. I just don’t know whether I am running on a path way, subway, or runway. Or, I am hiding my talent inside the blanket.

It’s true that i feel something special in the picture that I grabed in Tumblr. Micheal Jordan, illustrated by HelloVon. I love the emotion shown here. At least, I realize so much power only by looking deep, and try to analize every single details of this amazing illustration.

Now, I care no more in which path that i suppose to choose. I believe everything happen for reasons. Many reasons. And here I am, proud of being the me walking across the path-way, sitting inside the subway, and running on the right runway. Blanket? Yeah… for a goodnight sleep.

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